Law Enforcement and Business Writer

pond2fixedIf you’re a business owner, chances are you have a ton of writing that needs to get done—on top of a million other things that demand your urgent attention. So, you back-burner the web copy, the company blog, the newsletter.

But in the back of your mind you know that to drive new traffic to your website, and to land new clients to grow your business, you need fresh copy that’s frequently updated.

And it can’t just be something you throw together in a hurry. It has to shine. To show your clients, present and future, you don’t just offer a product or service—your heart and soul are 100% invested in every facet of your business.

I’m here to help. I’m a freelance magazine writer, content marketing writer and commercial blogger.

I’ll convey your passion and professionalism with copy that captivates.

I’m obsessive about meeting deadlines, because I know you need to meet yours. And I’m committed to your satisfaction.

Have a look at my Portfolio, and give me a call. I’d love to talk with you about how I can invigorate your website, company blog, employee newsletter or marketing collateral.